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the work process
your dream kitchen
Step 1 - budget:
In order to demonstrate your interest, you will fill out a short questionnaire that will enable to develop a budget.
Step 2 - become a customer:
Once the budget has been accepted the customer can proceed with the payment. This will be done by bank transfer, posting the scan or copy proof. After Desenho Branco has confirmed the payment, the access data will be sent to the costumer (username and password) in the client area, becoming a new desenho branco client.
Step 3 – briefing:
In the client area, you have access to a more detailed questionnaire, which will allow desenho branco to evaluate and perceive your real needs and tastes. The client area works as a privileged communication channel between you and desenho branco, and can be used to solve any doubt that arise during the study and the project.
Step 4 – proposal:
Once the needs have been identified, the draft creative process is initiated. In the end, desenho branco will provide you three layouts/proposal. Proposal may be submitted all at once, or may be elaborated together with you and will be joining the three proposal at the end. The customer chooses the one he likes, or, choosing the second option has the possibility to continue to co-create his space.
Step 5 – my dream:
Agreeded between the customer and the company the final layout, the Desenho Branco Company produces a discriminated list of all kitchen furniture and other equipment contained in the final layout, as well as the characteristics of the assigned materials and their measures. To this list join the layouts project, a plant and technical elevations. The customer in possession of these documents will begin consultation of the market prices, both in terms of materials and in terms of work to be performed, thus reaching their dream kitchen: saving money, time and earn quality life.