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This site is provided for all, private and professionals who wish to create or recreate an appropriate kitchen space, in order to plan before making the first contact to purchase.

Which professionals? Architecture and Design studios, Kitchen manufacturers furniture and other; Retailers of furniture and components; Large surfaces of sale kit furniture kitchen and others in kit composition; Representatives and retailers of all brands of kitchens; Representatives and Retailers of appliances; Stone factory transformer;
In which way? Through observation, of cadences and movements industry’s over the past 20 years.
We gathered data from the past with the present and project the future. We noticed the change and we are sure that the kitchens business, have been profoundly changed.
We understand the changing if we stop for a while. We observe that the small traders disappeared from the market, and it is certain that, the large surfaces have solutions in growing, of quality, price and design.
A few years ago, in Portugal, it was unthinkable to buy a kitchen where you could buy chocolates, teddy bears, plant vases, sofas or even do a meal.
It would also be unthinkable, partnership with another company's offer assembly and transport of such materials by a partner company, in totally independent way. Who has done the equipment sales has to provide it until the finals.
Today there are other solutions.
By the way of partner companies in furniture assembly, comes the desenho branco, anticipating the purchase of these materials or equipment, with a propose absolutely innovative: developed study of environment kitchen or kitchen space, technical, ergonomic and aesthetically answering, in free and independent way, not involved in the purchase process, but with the support of partners, such as an ideas
of project, in case to get already one for the space, such like a vehicle of technical information of partners, namely with measures providers, and available and tradable materials
We promote a particular product purchase with a given supplier, without costs with store, of store employees, of warehouse, of problems, and also, without energy duplication, presentations, proposes, treatment, etc.
We won all in this process.
The customer wins even more. It gets rid of marathons requests from store to store, from project into project, and it gains primarily, awareness of the real value of his kitchen.
In the end of study, the desenho branco, provides perspectives, kitchen environment approved plant, as well as a list with the description of every furniture pieces that make the project,
and yet all the technical detail of electricity, gas, water, exhaust, worktops, etc, leaving the costumer free, to choose the furniture brands that understand, once he compares the same project with differents brands, providers and values, in a balanced and real way, carrying out the initial project, with no room for improvisation.We believe that process is changing and the future goes through to this change.
We will be partners in,

message to the private

This site intended to private and / or professional that understand create or recreate a space or kitchen environment. Plan before making the first contact to purchase.

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